Марс 2025 - Онлайн игра. Военно-экономическая стратегия нового поколения.
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A lot can be said for diplomacy and the joy of simple exploration, but the primary method of obtaining power over your opponents is through combat. Depending on how you distribute your forces, your military is capable of a wide range of attacks from determined guerrilla forays to all-out nuclear destruction. The different attack types are described below. Keep in mind that your military is a proud bunch that will fight harder – and more effectively – against larger opponents.

Declaration of War

While normal landgrabs or special attacks can be initiated at any time, you will find that the UN will prevent you from attacking much smaller (or much larger) countries under their protection. By declaring war, you force the UN to remove it’s protection for a minimum of 48 hours – allowing you and your opponent to attack each other at will. The declaring country will gain a slight military edge, but will also need to pay more to support their forces. You can only be at war with one country at a time.

Attack Strategies

How you marshal your forces will affect how they fight. Using riskier and more aggressive strategies can result in larger yields, but you will suffer more casualties. Running the more conservative and cautious strategy will reduce your yield but more of your soldiers will survive. Using conventional wisdom in normal attacks results in a balanced yield.

Types Of Attacks
Standard Strike There are two types of military action that will get you land if you succeed in your attack - Planned (to follow), and Standard strikes. The Standard strike is the most common method of capturing land. Since you don’t only utilize elite units, your overall readiness tends to drop quickly so care must be taken not to completely exhaust your troops. A successful attack will not only bring you a percentage of your opponents land, but a portion of their buildings, money, food ,and technology as well.
Planned Strike Some operations require planning and specialized, better trained personnel. Accelerated and intensive training of up to five separate squads results in a 50% increase in strength per attack per squad. These enhancements come at a cost: the extreme efforts required exhaust your forces and they are put on recuperative leave for exactly 20 hours. During that time they will not be available for offensive or defensive operations under any circumstances. Like the standard strike, a successful planned attack will capture land and a variety of other objects of value.
Special Attacks
Guerilla Strike Relying solely on a specialized portion of your ground troops, guerrilla attacks specifically target your opponents food reserves and civilian population with the sole intent of destroying his ability to generate income. These troops are undetectable by turrets or tanks and need only penetrate enemy troop emplacements.
Bombing Run By using your best pilots and modifying your aircraft for maximum speed and altitude, you are able to fly missions that are far out of range of enemy troops and tanks. This leaves you vulnerable only to turret air defenses. A successful bombing run will kill a significant portion of the civilian population and decimate any buildings in the target radius.
Artillery Barrage Tanks are, at their most basic, mobile artillery. They are able to target developed land from great distances and so are immune to troop or turret based defenses, and need only contend with enemy tank divisions. Though they are detectable by sophisticated warning systems that result in zero civilian casualties, a successful artillery barrage will destroy a substantial number of buildings.

Missile Attacks

Missiles cannot be purchased or developed on schedule like other military units. The materials required to produce these weapons of mass destruction are rare and hard to obtain, but your dedicated military scientists deliver a complete missile whenever they are able. Investing in Warfare technology increases the frequency of production. SDI technology is the only defense against missile attacks.

Types Of Missiles
Nuclear Nuclear missiles render affected hectares so useless that (for all intents and purposes) the land ceases to exist.
Chemical Lethal to large numbers of civilians at one blow, chemical weapons also demolish buildings and other structures. Their contamination is short-live however, so you are able to rebuild immediately. This missile is invaluable for kill run attacks.
Cruise Cruise missiles are selective weapons – programmed to strike military targets exclusively while inflicting no civilian casualties. The are useful for reducing the effectiveness of enemy forces prior to a kill run or all-out war.