Марс 2025 - Онлайн игра. Военно-экономическая стратегия нового поколения.
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Having a strong technological base is vital for any country. The more land you invest in laboratories, the faster the advance of your technology. The larger your country, the more land you must have invested to maintain a comparable rate of advancement.

Technology Descriptions
Military. Military technology reduces costs by increasing the efficiency of your armed forces through better equipment design and training. Combined with military bases this technology can allow you to obtain extremely low prices on the black market.
Medical. Being able to inflict damage in a battle is extremely important, but being able to reduce your own casualties can sometimes be the deciding factor. This technology will improve your medics ability to repair injuries incurred in battle – thereby reducing losses, and is absolutely vital for curing diseases caused by biological spy attacks.
Business. Advanced business models and philosophies make your country a more attractive business environment. More profitable businesses mean an increase in per capita income, which in turn results in higher tax revenues.
Residential. By improving the infrastructure of your residential areas and suburbs, you are able to increase the population density on a given hectare. As population rises, your tax base widens and revenues increase accordingly.
Agricultural. By developing better land management techniques, improving farm machinery, and educating the farmers themselves, you are able to substantially increase agricultural output without investing more land in farms.
Warfare. Missile delivery systems can act as a deterrent to countries considering you as a target. By providing specialized research opportunities to your laboratories you increase their ability to produce these weapons more frequently, though you are limited to standing one missile per 200 hectares of land. Keep in mind that missile attacks almost always result in all-out war.
Military Strategy. Great military leaders aren’t born, they’re trained. By investing in military education, the leaders of your armed forces are able to use advanced strategies to capture, and keep, far more land in a successful attack than a comparable, less advanced country.
Weapons. Increasing the versatility of your troops while providing them with advanced weaponry enables you to maintain a smaller military without sacrificing strength. Better weapons mean a higher kill rate both offensively and defensively.
Industrial. Industrial technology increases the capacity of your manufacturing sector for substantially improved military output. Industrial technology is also the only way to increase spy production without actually devoting more land to industrial buildings.
Spy. Espionage has always been technology-based. Researching better surveillance equipment and techniques can allow you to maintain a small, still-effective defensive spy corps, or make you an intelligence force to be reckoned with.
SDI. The Strategic Defense Initiative provides protection against incoming ballistic missiles. The amount of technology devoted to the SDI has a real effect on the ability of your anti-missile forces and could potentially destroy almost all missiles targeting your country.