Марс 2025 - Онлайн игра. Военно-экономическая стратегия нового поколения.
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Spy operations are used in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons. Just like your military, the success of any operation depends largely on the number of spies you have for a given number of hectares. This is generally referred to as your SPH [spies per hectare]. The higher your SPH, the more likely the success of your spy operation.

Types Of Spy Operations
Spy The most commonly used operation, and probably the most useful overall, a Spy operation will steal a copy of your targets Country Report.
Investigate Alliances In this operation you attempt to discover who is formally allied with your target. This gives you a much better idea of its true strength, enabling you to plan strikes and defenses with better precision.
Market Spy Occasionally your opponent may hide a portion of its military in the public market by selling it at inflated prices. This operation gives you access to how much military your target has placed on the market
Military Spy Knowing to attack when the majority of an opponents forces are dedicated elsewhere can be an incredible advantage. A successful military spy operation will show how many brigades your enemy has recuperating from planned attacks.
Stir Rebellions By spreading rumors and innuendo, your operatives cause civil uprisings in your opponents country. Depending on the success of the operations, many civilians can die due to civil unrest.
Cause Dissensions By causing dissension among the ranks of your enemies’ military forces, you can convince a portion of them to desert and abandon their units.
Bomb Airbases Spies disguised as janitors and basic maintenance staff have planted bombs with remote detonators in your enemy’s hangers. By sending this operation you activate a predetermined number of bombs. A successful operation can seriously damage your enemy’s air forces.
Steal Technologies Industrial espionage can reveal your opponents technological secrets. By stealing key documents and records, you sabotage your enemies research efforts while benefiting your own.
Bomb Structures Your spies use terrorist-like tactics by bombing random structures. A successful operation will impair your opponents ability to retaliate by forcing them to spend assets and turns rebuilding.
Attack Intelligence Centers Specially trained agents move to assassinate enemy spies. This weakens your opponents spy agency and makes it easier to penetrate their networks to perform further operations.
Bomb Banks To prevent your opponent from easily purchasing military units or rebuilding on their land, your agents destroy enemy cash stockpiles.
Raid Food Stores Operatives enter enemy food storage facilities and destroy their content. This can cripple countries who have high food consumption per turn, and who rely on stockpiled food to survive turn-to-turn. A successful operation will also net you a small amount of food for your own reserves.
Destroy Missiles By destroying enemy missile stockpiles, you can reduce their ability to retaliate a first-strike and cripple their ability to kill you or your allies.
Demoralize By creating constant false alarms and undermining enemy confidence in its leadership, you are able to effectively reduce an enemy’s ability to attack and defend itself.
BioTerrorism By releasing genetically engineered biological agents into your opponents water and food supplies, you are able to spread death and disease among his people. Among the nastiest and most dangerous of attacks, care must be taken to have sufficient medical technology to defend against accidental release.
Raid Oil Reserves During war, the most essential of commodities is oil. In this operation, your operatives set out to destroy your enemy’s oil reserves, thereby diminishing his ability to retaliate. A successful operation will also net you a small amount of oil for your own reserves.