Марс 2025 - Онлайн игра. Военно-экономическая стратегия нового поколения.
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The Primary server is our standard game. We recommend that all players new to Mars2025 start here. Outside alliances are not allowed in order to provide a more level playing field. The game is moderately paced and provides challenges for both new and experienced players.


As the name implies, this server runs a game where clans are not only allowed but encouraged! This game is appropriate for all players, but is designed specifically for those who are looking to get more involved in war strategy, clan intrigue and other aspects unique to this server. Time flows faster here than it does on Primary, so you end up with more turns per day.


Tournament is a fast-paced, month-long game that uses the “ladder” method to determine place and rank. After each round the best players advance to a higher level game, while each level has only a few hundred countries. This means that you play different people every month! If you like unpredictable and unique gameplay, this is the server for you. Since this game is designed for the individual, the clan system has been disabled here.

Tournament Ladder Structure
Top Game A
Level #2 Games BC
Level #3 Games DEF
Level #4 Games GHI
Level #5 Games JKL
Level #6 Games QRS
Level #7 Games XYZ

Your rank in the previous game round is used to determine the game level you’ll be in the next round. Use the table below to determine your game level.

Last Game: Final Ranking

Game A Games BC Games DEF Games GHI Games JKL Games QRS Games XYZ
Level #1 1-75 1-50 1-15 1-3 --- --- ---
Level #2 76-200 51-125 16-50 4-25 1-5 1 ---
Level #3 All others 126-200 51-125 26-75 6-50 2-10 ---
Level #4 --- All others 126-200 76-200 51-150 11-50 1-25
Level #5 --- --- All others 201-325 151-300 51-200 26-100
Level #6 --- --- --- All others All others 201-450 101-500
Level #7 --- --- --- --- --- All others 501-1000


The version of Mars2025 for the EXTREME player. If you have the experience and the guts, this game is for you. At only 48 hours long (check forums for starting time), you’ll need to have fast reactions and be able to make decisions in a flash. You’re all alone here - clans and public markets have been disabled. Go ahead, we dare yah.

Overall game details
  Primary Alliance Tournament Express
Minutes per turn 30 20 25 1
Maximum turns (stored) 80 (30)* 120 (40)* 100 (30)* 500 (500)
Clans allowed No Yes No No
Public market Yes Yes Yes No
Other rules Cheap UN membership
All countries are UN members. Free of charge.

* You can extend your quantity of stored turns by getting yourself a subscription.