Марс 2025 - Онлайн игра. Военно-экономическая стратегия нового поколения.
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Premium Services

If you are trying the trial Platinum level and have received a subscription end notice, DON’T PANIC! The trial membership is provided so that you can see the bonus features available to our subscribers. Your country will continue exactly like it is.

Mars2025 is COMPLETELY FREE to play. Subscriptions help us keep it that way by offsetting some of the costs.

We have Gold memberships for specified terms, and a Platinum Life-Time membership. Prices and more information can be found on your “Account / My Subscriptions” page.

To reward our subscribers, we offer these extras:
  1. Enhanced capacity to store turns (up to 120 on Alliance, 80 on Primary, and 75 on Tournament)
  2. Completely Ad Free play environment
  3. Access to some additional (very cool) in-game services
    • Target Search (To help determine suitable targets)
    • History (Land, Networth and Government types in a graphed format)
    • Market Analysis (Customizable graph showing short- and long-term prices and trends)
  4. News search results not limited to 200 lines
  5. Attack notification via email / SMS (text message)
  6. Multi-language in-game translation system
Game services and the following list may change without notice.

You can get your membership using the following methods. Current prices and subscription information can be found on your “Account / My Subscriptions” page

  1. Money Transfer (Webmoney, E-Gold, Major Credit Cards, PayPal and other methods acceptable by kagi.com)
  2. Mars2025 Credits. A referral program that rewards you for inviting friends and family when they get to 1M Networth.
  3. By reporting bugs and making good suggestions. We really appreciate the hard work, and some of our current subscribers already got theirs that way.