Марс 2025 - Онлайн игра. Военно-экономическая стратегия нового поколения.
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Every time you enter the game you will be shown a brief status report for your country, any recent news, and the main menu. The main menu persists throughout the game and is used to access every option available to your country. Each menu item is described below.

Country Report The Country Report contains a detailed status report for your country. You should visit it frequently to monitor changes and where they occur.
Build Land is vital for any country, but it is far more valuable when used productively. This menu allows you to build a variety of structures to maximize your income and networth.
Research Using research to improve your technology is a cost-efficient way to increase the productivity of your current resources and strengthen your military. Research Labs allow you to increase your rate of discoveries.
Black Market Sometimes called the “private” market, the Black Market provides an alternative to the Public Market described below. You can obtain quick cash by selling military or food here, but you’ll take a hit on your bottom line. You can often purchase military units here at a cut-rate price, but at limited quantities, depending on the size of your country.
Market Also known as the public market, the Market was created to facilitate trade between the fledging countries of Mars. Established under the auspices of the UN, this market is often the cheapest way of making purchases and is an excellent way to profit from excess production.
Bank You can generate extra cash by spending your turns banking. Each turn you spend this way will increase your revenues by approximately 20%.
Explore Land is vital for your country’s growth and survival. Smaller countries can discover more hectares per turn than larger ones but, be warned - large, undefended land areas make you an attractive target to countries who expand by conquest. Develop your land by constructing commercial sites, residences, and farms.
Relations Increase your chances of success by allying with other countries. From this menu you can share resources like military forces, intelligence services and technological advances. In order to send or receive foreign aid, you must have at least one alliance.
Spy Center Countries use espionage in war as well as in peace time. A successful spy operation will leave no trace but, once captured, spies will likely reveal their country of origin. Covert operations can be as damaging as using brute force when attacking another countries, though damaging spy ops are almost always grounds for all-out war. In clan play, your spy ops are shared with your clansmen through the “Spy History” link.
Military A wise governor is always aware of the status of his military. From this menu you can see the condition (readiness) of your standing army and the availability of any forces you have in recuperation.
War Room While peaceful expansion through exploration is a good way to increase your lands, once you are a certain size it becomes inefficient. If you truly wish to rule the planet, you will need to expand your lands by conquest. From time to time you will also need retaliate attacks on your own lands. This menu will allow you to direct your conventional and strategic forces.
Messages Using the global communications system established by the UN, you can contact any country on the planet without fear of spying. It is useful for contracting alliances and settling issues. No country can interrupt this service through espionage or military action.
News The news reporting agency on Mars has become amazingly efficient. They are able to track every military attack as it happens and you have instant access to their reports. Due to the sheer volume of military actions that take place every day, search tools are provided to help you narrow your results.
Scores It is always sensible to know the size of your neighbours. Here you can see the top 10 countries on the planet, as well as your relative size in your networth range.
Target Search* Parameter-based search engine that allows you to determine suitable targets for your country. You are able to be vary narrow in your search criteria.
History* This tool is an historical graph of a country’s evolution. It is interesting to observe the dynamics between networth and government changes, and is a useful tool to gather additional information about your opponents.
Country Search Another free service of the UN, the Country Search feature allows you to find a country based on it’s number or name (or part of a name) and to see its government type, networth, land, and rank within the game. Clan affiliations will also display where appropriate. A limited number of searches are provided per day.
Clan Where applicable, this menu allows you to create or join a clan. You will have access to threaded discussion boards and clan statistics.
Logout Logout of the game you are playing in order to access other games on the server. Logging out of each session is good security policy.
* Available to Gold and Platinum subscribers only. Click HERE for information.