Марс 2025 - Онлайн игра. Военно-экономическая стратегия нового поколения.
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As the leader of a newly formed country, your goal is to survive and become stronger than all who oppose you. From diplomacy to war, you use every resource at your disposal to become a military and economic powerhouse…ultimately to become the most powerful country on New Mars!

Success depends solely on you and your skills in every aspect of country management: Economics. Military planning. Espionage. Diplomacy. Can you, with your inventive mind and absolute power over your people, prove yourself to be stronger, more cunning, and most important – more intelligent than your opponents?

To achieve your goal, you will compete with every other country for the limited land and resources of New Mars. Many of those countries have allied themselves into tight-knit organisations which are far more powerful as a group than individually. To succeed, you will need to keep the lines of communication open and develop your own alliances. Only by maintaining a fine balance of competition and cooperation will you get to the top.