Марс 2025 - Онлайн игра. Военно-экономическая стратегия нового поколения.
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The Year is 2025. Human technological advancement has risen to incredible heights and Mankind has taken its first determined steps into space - establishing colonies both on Mars and the Moon. However, despite the advantages science has provided, human nature hasn’t changed. Greed, envy, and intolerance have, as always, found new and nastier forms. One tiny conflict, barely noticeable in another age, became the catalyst that gradually unleashed The Great War. Like ripples on still water, it spread over the planet consuming more and more countries in a bloody massacre. Over time war became methodical, the norm; the original cause of Mans near-extermination was forgotten.

Earths colonies on the Moon and Mars escaped the madness…at first. As targets on Earth became fewer, the colonies became the new arena for military operations. The Moon didn’t last long. It was hit with a flurry of thermonuclear weapons that vaporized all traces of life in a single day. Perhaps they were lucky - to die suddenly, and without suffering the agony and lingering death of radiation poisoning and starvation.

Mars. Roman God of War. Aptly named, for the Red Planet was now consumed with war. Some Martian leaders, seeing an opportunity to gain power, added fuel to an already blazing firestorm, producing a veritable hurricane of hatred. As inevitable as night is to dusk, an evil shadow fell across the planet. Total war. Slaughter. Rivers of blood…only, blood flows more slowly on Mars.

Across the planet was chaos. With no central government, anarchy ruled and hundreds of armies, disorganized and with no clear goals, fought each other with all the technological might available. A short time passed… With wonderful technologies always come horrible weapons, weapons of unthinkable power that could only hasten humanity’s annihilation.

Eventually, blessedly, the war began to wind down. Mankind was tired of war, but the fact was that there wasn’t anyone or anything left to wage it with. What remained of the human race could hardly be called “civilization” – it was a modern Stone Age.

Among the small groups of survivors – tribes, really – appeared leaders who had vision, who could see opportunity in the chaos all around them. They began the arduous task of re-establishing relations with the other isolated tribes of Mars. Over time they were able to build a minimal communications network, and this simple cooperation evolved into what is now the United Nations…a federation of tribes based on the old international organization of Earth. History repeats itself: The former glory of Mankind might still be restored!