Марс 2025 - Онлайн игра. Военно-экономическая стратегия нового поколения.
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Turns Mars runs on a turn-based system. Every hour you will receive a specific number of turns – which game you are playing will determine how many – that will accumulate to a point and then are stored for you. While you have them, your stored turns are released with your regular turns at 1:1. In other words, until you’ve used up your stored turns, you will receive two turns per cycle rather than one. However, there is a maximum number of total turns/stored turns that you can have, after which they simply fall away and are lost. It is therefore very important that you play every day or two to keep from falling behind.

While some actions use no turns (Black Market, Country Search, Destroy Buildings), most do (Attacks, Spy Ops, Building, Cash, etc). Each turn used changes your military and economic situation depending on what strategy you are using.

One Turn: A Slice of Life.
Food People need food to live and will raise it anywhere they can. Even undeveloped hectares will generate a small amount of food - but not enough to supply any significant population or military. If you run out of food, your people – and your military - will starve, so they have no choice but to defect. You must make efficient use of your land, and if you purchase your food on the markets, you must ensure there is enough to supply your population every turn. Serious or chronic food shortages will likely result in long-term, and possibly irreversible damage to your country. Your allies can provide food through aid packages.
Oil Oil is a vital military resource necessary for the conquest of land, retaliatory strikes, and for providing military aid to your offensive allies. Regular offensive attacks are impossible if you do not have sufficient oil, and oil can only be obtained by building oil rigs or by buying it from the public market. It is not possible to receive aid in the form of oil.
Black Market War brings the necessity of a black market. During the Great War a vast network of underground trade shrouded the planet – there was simply no other way to obtain food or military equipment. After so many years it became quasi-legal and now anyone can buy or sell there. However, the volume available to you through this market depends on the size of your country since smugglers will see a larger demand for their goods in a larger country than a small one.
Protection In order to ensure that new countries are not immediately killed off by larger, more dominant countries, you are placed in protected mode for 100 turns. During this time you cannot be attacked or spied upon, and you cannot spy on or attack anyone else. Use this safe time to build your basic infrastructure.
UN Like its dead namesake on Earth, the UN is a multinational association of countries supporting a security council. The purpose of the security council is to protect its members from unscrupulous countries that are either too large or too small to fairly compete. Any country can join the UN by paying a small membership fee each turn. Due to the defensive nature of the union, members will receive slightly lower returns on their attacks.
Networth Networth indicates an overall level of strength and determines your place in the set. Networth is determined by a combination of many factors including technology, population, land, and money, but the most important factor is military.
Vacation When you know you won’t be able to play your turns for several days, you can put your country into Vacation Mode from the Account Menu. While on vacation you receive no additional turns, but you are protected from any kind of attack or spy operation. Vacation mode will be in effect for a minimum of three days and cannot be canceled early.