Terms Of Service

1. Terms of Service

1.1 “Mars 2025” project is mass multiplayer online game, located on the Internet with domain names www.mars2025.net, www.mars2025.ru.

1.2. “User” is defined as any person, who receives access to game accordingly to the Terms of Service. All Game Material is for private use only.

1.3. The “Game” is all Materials: any texts, photographic images, graphics or any other data in visual, audio, audiovisual or any other form, which are allocated on Game sites.

1.4 “Administration” is defined as owners of “Mars 2025” and persons, who have been granted administrative privileges by owners.

2. Responsibility.

2.1. Rights and Obligations of Administration.

2.1.1 Administration is obliged not obligated to grant service to any application to Mars2025. Administration also reserves the right to revoke service to any User. User is responsible for all expenses to access Mars2025 including but not limited to computer equipment, software and access to Internet.

2.1.2. Administration is obliged not to provide to third parties personal information of any and all Users, except when requested by the User or legally required. Administration is also obliged not to publish User’s personal information.

2.1.3. Administration does not guarantee undisturbed operation of Game and takes no response for malfunctions and interruptions in gaming process, communication lines and any software or hardware problems of computer, from which User connects to Internet.

2.1.4. Administration takes no responsibility for the actions of any User.

2.1.5. Administration takes no responsibility for any damages, caused by playing the Game (spiritual injures, material damages, physical harms, including suicides, mental diseases etc., and any other harms provided by the international law).

2.1.6. Administration takes no responsibility for losses, caused via using or not using the Game information by the User. (helps, FAQs etc.).

2.1.7. Administration reserves the right to deny or revoke service to any user or group of users without the need to explain the reason.

2.1.8. Administration reserves the right to limit service, extend service, change quality of service or even stop to offer service without the need to notify any or all Users, unilaterally.

2.2. Rights and Obligations of User.

2.2.1. User has the right to use the Game privately for non-commercial purposes.

2.2.2. A User may not hold several accounts for the Game at the same time. Game accounts are not to be shared or traded.

2.2.3. User has the right to change his/her password. The User must ensure that the password is being kept secret, and takes responsibility for all loses caused by lost or stolen passwords.

2.2.4. User is obligated to provide reliable personal information, for purpose to identify Game account holder by request of Administration.

2.2.5. It is prohibited to use errors in the programming (so-called bugs) for one’s own advantage, to interfere in programming code, obtain unauthorized access to Game servers, users’ database or Game materials on sites.

2.2.6. The user is only entitled to use the game through normal web browsers. Any further use of additional programs, scripts or other supporting tools is expressly prohibited.

2.2.7. Users are obligated to keep the communication and any other statements free from racist, pornographic or abusive contents, from contents glorifying violence and from other offensive or prohibited contents. Use of inappropriate language inside Game or on game forums is strictly forbidden.

2.2.8. User holds no rights to limit or block access to the Game for any other users.

2.2.9. User is prohibited to copy, distribute, publish Game materials, or use them in any other way without being granted written permission by Administration.

2.2.10. User agrees that in case of violating his obligations, Administration has the right to apply sanctions against User, right up to denying access to Game.

3. Special terms.

3.1. The user is aware that the game offered by “Mars 2025” – like any software – cannot be completely fault-free.

3.2. Administration is not responsible for any damages, inflicted to User by third parties, including ex-members of Administrative group.

3.3. Administration has the right to delete from their sites any information or materials that in the judgment of Administration are inappropriate, undesirable or are in violation of the Terms of Service.

3.4. Administration reserves the right to limit service, extend service, change quality of service or even stop to offer service without the need to notify any or all Users, unilaterally.

3.5. Administration has the right to change the Terms of Service at any time unilaterally. Changes take effect when they are published on the Game sites or at the moment determined by Administration.

3.6. User has the right to purchase a premium Game service package, which is provided by Administration. Prices and terms of the premium Game service package are determined by Administration.

4. Accepting Terms of Service.

4.1. Terms of Service take effect immediately after being accepted by User on game sites when a game account is created (by pressing “Create” button). Pressing “Create” button means that User completely agrees with the Terms of Service without any exclusions.

4.2. Terms of Service have no expiration date.

4.3. Administration has the right to cease to provide game services without any compensation. In this case, Administration is obliged to inform User by e-mail no later then 1 day when the date when services are actually ceased.

4.4. All modifications to the Terms of Service (or any other information specified by Administration) take effect immediately after been published on the Game site, unless otherwise determined by Administration.

4.5. Administration reserves the right to modify or amend the Terms of Service at any time (without need to notify User before), by publishing last version on the Game site.